New Things for May!

Vikka's New Toy

Hey, you can’t park those here!

True Self

Just a quixotic day at the beach!

Secret Comics

It’s amazing what you can do with a mouth these days.

HD Desktops

Set Desktop to ‘Stun’!


Vikka just can’t get enough of these!

New stuff for May! New Pages for Vikka’s New Toy, Moonbeam, and a little bonus comic, a New Sequence, and lots of new HD Desktops!

The Prison of Kahok 25 to 30.


Not even doing a thousand squats can make a booty this big and round.

Lynda’s body continues to plump out of control as she tries to escape the collapsing room!

The Prison of Kahok 25-30.

tekweapons Prison of Kahok

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A Game of Distortion

The Prison of Kahok 19 to 24.


Sometimes when you’re stuck, it’s good to find something in the the now you can vigorously appreciate.

Lynda has become too big to move and she’s only getting bigger! However, she’s discovering the light in the darkness, and it’s emanating from her own breasts!

The Prison of Kahok 19-24.

tekweapons Prison of Kahok

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Next set:
The Prison of Kahok